Who Said we are All the Same?

By Ivonne Kinser
Marketing to U.S. Hispanics is not a simple task. In fact, it's it is a very complex one filled with lots of challenges. The U.S. Hispanic market is not one homogeneous group, but 19 sub-groups with different backgrounds, beliefs, and behaviors that share a common language.
Although all Hispanics living in the U.S. are clustered under one umbrella called "the U.S. Hispanic Market", the truth is that Hispanics are a richly diverse group representing 17 Latin American countries plus Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The integration of diverse countries or origin within the U.S. Hispanic market, the broad array of cultural traits within it, the different levels of acculturation, and the nuances that are unique to each sub-group has created a complex audience.
To successfully communicate with the U.S. Hispanic audience one needs not only a deep understanding of the Hispanic culture, relevant experience, and deep research, but also marketers that posses the sensitivity to know what is truly important to Hispanics.

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