Brand Personality: Building Value and Relevance by Forging Instinctive Connections with Consumers

This is one of the best posts about branding that I have read lately. There is nothing in it that we, (marketers), didn't know before, but it brings things back into perspective straightforwardly.

Most of the time we are so busy crafting our clients' brands, that we tend to overlook our own brand. This is not exactly rocket science, and I know you know it very well, but it's always good to remember that when you lose sight of you own brand's essence and soul, you hurt it badly with every post, every word and every interaction that is not aligned with it. In a social media world in which messages spread out at the speed of the light, that can happen in seconds.

Sales are great, and "generate revenue" is the purpose of any business, but your brand is what will keep you standing strong while others fall.

Ivonne Kinser

Original Article by B2C